Eyebrow Tattoo

Melbourne’s Leading Natural-Look Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

The colour and shape of eyebrows are important elements of how your face looks.  A key part of the cosmetic tattoo process is determining the correct style to suit your face and to give you semi-permanent eyebrows that compliment you.

Your treatment will start with a consultation to determine colour, shape and process. Lisa takes into account your bone structure and the contours of your face as these are crucial considerations to ensure a natural look. She will use your existing eyebrows to guide where the cosmetic tattoo will go. Once you are happy with the style and shape she has devised, she will help you with colours to suit your complexion and hair colour.

The procedure will be conducted using sterile state-of-the-art equipment and safety approved colours. A numbing cream will be applied to ensure there is no discomfort throughout the process.

Information regarding the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo process

Once the treatment has been completed, please bear in mind the following:

The area will appear 40 – 60% darker immediately after the procedure due to pigment drying with lymph on the surface of the skin. This will fade in the following 7-10 days.

It is possible to have patchiness and loss of colour after the first treatment as the skin’s natural healing process can reject colour. You may use powder or pencil until the follow-up treatment.

Exfoliation will occur with the healing process, taking a full 4-6 weeks for the true colour to appear as this is the healing time for the skin rejuvenation process.

Remember this procedure is not permanent and the colour will fade with time. To keep the pigment colour looking fresh you will be invited back annually for a refresh procedure at a client loyalty rate. It is all about low maintenance, not no maintenance.

Full aftercare instructions will be provided on the day of your procedure.

Powder Brows or Ombre/Misty

Powder Brows is semi-permanent eyebrow technique, ideal for people who regularly use pencils or powder to colour their brows. It adds a boost to the colour and definition and helps create the ultimate WOW brows. This is not a block brow, it is shading underneath your existing brow hair and it looks simply stunning. Powder brows are becoming more and more popular in the industry due to its longevity and flawless look. With powder brows we can also create what we call Ombre brows. Ombre brows are where the powdered look fades out at the front of the brow to create an Ombre brows look. Powder brows and Ombre brows are two of the most popular cosmetic tattoo and eyebrow tattoo treatments we offer here at Lisa Millington cosmetic Tattoo.

Combination Brows

Combination brows are my most popular sought after procedure. It is a combination of hair strokes and powder, hence the name combination brows. This method holds the colour has better retention and lasts longer than 3D or Microblading. The combination brows use feather touch brows for the front of the brow to create natural hair like strokes, then we use powder brows for the tail of the brow to ensure the combination brows last longer and have a bold look.

My clients fall in love with this look as it is not too harsh gives great definition where needed and looks completely natural – this allows my clients not to have to pencil in until their yearly touch up.

See below for some of the amazing results!

Feather Touch Brows or 3D Eyebrows

Feather touch brows, also known as the hair simulation technique, it is designed to create the most natural-looking brows possible. the technique used for feather touch brows mimics your own eyebrows and is more convincing than a solid fill. It is ideal for people with reasonable hair coverage and perfect for filling out the gaps.

Feather touch brows technique does not last as long as the powder fill technique because the pigment implanted is not as deep. It will usually require more frequent touch-ups and it is recommended that clients go a shade darker than they normally would improve the longevity of the final results. Feather touch brows give you completely realistic looking brows and are great for those suffering from conditions such as alopecia due to the naturalness of the feather touch brows.