Lip Tattoo


Semi-Permanent Lip Tattoo

A semi-permanent lip tattoo is an innovative type of cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing the lips. There are many benefits to this semi-permanent makeup treatment as most people who get this procedure done are those who want to enhance their natural lip colour, change the shape of their lips or correct lip symmetry.

For many years ladies have been getting tattooed lip liner. With this cosmetic treatment there are a few options you can choose from such as an outline which gives the appearance of lip liner, a fade effect where the lip tattoo is darker round the outline of the lips and then as it gradually comes the middle it fades out or a full lip tattoo that will change the colour of your lips to one of your choice such as your favourite lipstick.

This procedure is done by depositing pigment into the lips to change the colour and shape to give you the lips you desire. With this you will be able to have fuller lips without filler, as well as correct any imperfections such as scarring or hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. By adding pigment to the lip we can make them appear lighter, darker, bigger, smaller, anything you choose. It is the perfect non surgical, non invasive treatment that gives you the opportunity to enhance your lips and boost your confidence.

Most people are candidates for a lip tattoo as the pigment is made from natural ingredients it is incredibly rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction (although it can happen). The only reasons you may not get this treatment is if you’re prone to severe scarring after breaking the skin or conditions that effect your lips and cause them to be sore of cracked.

With this semi-permanent makeup treatment you can wake up ready to go every morning. Contact us here at Lisa Millington Cosmetic Tattoo to receive your lip tattoo treatment.